The Logan city chess club is a fun, friendly and social place to come and play chess, whether beginner or advanced, young, old or somewhere in between come along and see for yourself.
I became a member at the age of 18 and 10 years later, I am still here and have met a lot of interesting people, good players and friends for life.
Chess is a great competitive and social experience which has helped me get where I am today, fun for the whole family and that is the reason I am still playing today.

Mr. Aaron Downey, President Logan City Chess Club

Playing with others who know and love the game of chess has greatly improved my understanding and love for the game.

Mihai Blaga, Year 10 Student at BSHS

I’ve been playing chess at the Logan Chess Club since November 2014 and I loved it! For me coming to chess on Friday nights is the highlight of the weekend.
I felt welcome from first day and during all those years I made great friends that share all the same passion with me: playing chess.

It is a fun place to be both for me and for my two children Mihai & Julie.

Dorin Blaga, Manager